Running a successful business nowadays can mean relying heavily on social media; but knowing where to start and which platforms to use can be a challenge.

Even though it can be very tempting to have active profiles set up across each and every available social media platform; deciding which platforms are right for your business, mastering one or two first before setting up accounts across multiple platforms could be more effective for your business.

Bear in mind the time you’ll need to continually invest to keep your business’ social media accounts up to date, and if you have the time, a bit of knowledge and the people power, by all means go for it!

Social media hints and tips

Facebook pages are great for sharing news and updates, and a good platform to start with for growing your audience. Even though there is talk of it declining in popularity, Facebook users are increasing by 16% year on year,¹ which for your business on social media translates to huge potential outreach and visibility.

Facebook Insights is a free and really useful tool, giving you info on things like when your fans are online, how much engagement your posts are getting, and which are the most popular.

Twitter is fast paced. If your business doesn’t have the time to respond to tweets straight away, it might not be the right social media platform for you.

Tweets quickly become out of date, so if your business has something to share, consider how many times you might want to post multiple versions of the same message so they get seen over a period of time. Use hashtags, but don’t go crazy with them.²

Instagram can be one of the more fun platforms to use, and is a good way to share behind the scenes of your business. People love getting to know the personality of the people they’re dealing with. Again, don’t be scared to post frequently, but be mindful of the potential fine line between getting the message across and annoying your followers.

YouTube is well worth considering – with over a billion users (a whopping third of the internet),³ the potential outreach of your content is enormous. Similarly to Instagram, consider sharing snippets of the personality behind your business, while being mindful of short attention spans – if the first few seconds of your videos aren’t engaging, people will click elsewhere.



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