The problem

Vax, best known for their vacuum cleaners, had a packaging range that was getting tired. It had been on the shelves for several years, the company’s product offering had increased dramatically, and they had introduced a premium range.

The brief was to design a packaging range to distinguish between their different price points: premium, core products, entry-level and also an additional box that could be used with minimal branding for warehouse stock.

The solution

A range of packaging that instantly distinguished between the ranges, yet was obviously from the same brand. Product renders became more of a focal point, and a band of colour was wrapped around predominantly white boxes to encourage interaction – the band leads the eye around each side of the box.

Vax had introduced a midnight blue to their colour palette, and as it was being used to market premium ranges, it was the obvious choice for the accompanying boxes. Their recognisable orange was kept for the core range products, and grey was used for the most widely affordable entry-level products. Plain brown boxes with a company branded sticker were designed for use as warehouse stock (when the customer doesn’t see the boxes on shelves in shops).

The benefit

A unified packaging range that clearly showed the difference between the price points, and yet still worked as a family, making trading up easier.

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