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Business planning advice for start-ups

When you’re really serious about your idea, writing a business plan can be really daunting – there’s so much to think about and include; with one of the most important things being how on earth you’re going to get the kind of customers you want.

To save you sifting through pages and pages of online advice, (believe me I’ve done it already and it’s boring); I’ve put together a couple of downloadable sheets to help you ask the right questions of your business, so that you can start identifying and planning how you’re going to attract the customers of your dreams (while you relax with a cuppa).


Work out exactly who your ideal customers are – when you know this you’ll be ready to put your energy into attracting them, rather than just hoping they’ll come your way.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Pinpointing your ideal customer


You know who your perfect customer is, but you don’t know how to reach them.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Targeting your ideal customer